ICSE Students -
The Geography notes and predictive papers proved to be especially helpful. I was able to access the solutions online, and this made things easier for me. The English Language compositions, and letter writing practise that I received through, allowed me to achieve a better overall score in the board exams
Siddharth Aravinth, 96% in Math (ICSE 2013-2014), New Horizon School
I had set out to achieve 90%+ in my boards, and I knew I could only make it happen through hard work, perseverance and the right kind of planning. TeacherNI’s test prep helped make things much easier. Their predictive paper booklet gave me great practice, and their quick revision notes across subjects saved me a lot of precious time. The best part is I could do all of this on my cellphone.
Shikhar Kampani, 94% overall (ICSE 2013-2014), St. Gregorios High School
The Computer Application notes are student-friendly and very easy to refer to. It helped me a lot for last minute revision too. There is a set of practical and programming questions which give a lot of practice. Everything in the notes in according to the board syllabus.
Simran Dharod, 100% in Computer Applications (ICSE 2012-2013), Christ Church School
The expert gave me explanations, notes and test-series I began enjoying studying the Hindi marks improved from 78% to 97%. The test-series were designed keeping the ICSE examination in mind. Each chapter was tested at least four times.
Devina Dabholkar, 97% in Hindi (ICSE 2012-2013), Queens Mary School
Most study material available does not provide a crisp and clear description of important concepts. In addition to this, most students are never confident enough to stand up and clarify their doubts in coaching classes. Through TeacherNI, things are different. Their revision notes, MCQ’s and expert feedback helped me focus on my concerns and even manage my time better.
Aakash Dattani, 99% in Math (ICSE 2011 - 2012), St. Mary’s School expert was a major reason for the improvement in my performance. It helped me recognize all my weak areas. The content style covered all the important aspects of the board preparations. The solutions were clear to understand and the marking scheme helped prevent losing marks in small errors that I might have overlooked otherwise. otherwise.
Sakshi Agarwal, 100% in Math (ICSE Topper 2010 - 2011), Arya Vidya Mandir
ISC Students -
Maths has always been a tricky subject for me. It was only after I discovered help at hand with the TeacherNi expert – did things become a whole lot simpler. The use of a constant revision method, and an easy to apply approach helped me do a lot better. I was able to increase my scores and my grades improved from a 'D' to an 'A' in the subject.
Siddharth Sudhir , 97% in Math (ISC 2013-2014), Bishop Cottons Boys’ School
The TeacherNi Chemistry expert never hesitated to go beyond the confines of the syllabus to ensure that I understood concepts accurately. In fact, I got the benefit of exhaustive, syllabus based notes which were sufficient to ace the exams. The last minute revision worksheets shared right before the exams helped jog my memory and also accustom me to the exam pattern.
Antara Vaidyanathan, 96% in Chemistry (ISC 2012-2013), Lilavatibai Podar School