We don't just help with academics; we also help in showing the RIGHT WAY TO PREPARE for the exams. With the help of an experienced counselor, parents can address to the concerns related to the child's ACADEMIC and OVERALL PROGRESS.


Parents can view the detailed analysis of their child's EFFORTS and PERFORMANCE. They can check about the areas where the child needs more attention and they can also see the areas where the child is strong. The analysis enables the parents to see the COMPARISON of their child's performance with PEERS.


We provide an interactive platform where parents can discuss their QUERIES, CONCERNS AND EXPERIENCES with other parents. They can discuss issues pertaining to their child's academic or behavioral aspects and take HELP FROM OTHER PARENTS. The experience shared today can be useful to parents for years to come.


Exams time is not only a testing time for the student, it's equally testing times for parents. There are number of DO's and DON'Ts that a parent should keep in mind. What FOOD should the child have? What are the basic EXERCISES to REDUCE STRESS? How many hours ofSLEEP is necessary during exam times?…and a lot more. We go beyond the academic periphery and extend a complete support for the best results of your child.