What is Teacherni.com?

TeacherNi.com is an education portal that combines a performance focused revision and test program for ICSE/ISC currently with over 100 years of highly qualified teaching experience in addition to online tutoring for IGCSE/IB and counselling amongst other learning aids for K-12 students.

TeacherNi was started with the vision to create a technology-enabled platform that would help students connect to the best possible education resources. A space that would minimize the constraints of distance, time, money and, lack of access to credible information and maximize the impact of personal interaction. Our objective is to make learning enjoyable, accessible, convenient and innovative.

What is Test Preparation? And how will it help?

The test preparation for ICSE/ISC will prepare students for their final exams in school or for the boars. Each section below has been prepared keeping in mind the student's utmost need to combine learning, practice and performance.

Students can review answers and solutions according to the marking scheme of the board. As well as enhance their ability to answer questions correctly and score better in the final exams - where it matters the most.

TeacherNi Test Prep includes:-

  • Fuel Your Memory - Simplified Study Notes by Experts (Study what matters in a simplified way).
  • Warm Up Exercises - Revision questions in form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  • Take a Test - 12 Tests papers per subject set by Experts.
  • Prelim papers and board papers - Top 5 schools solved prelim papers and past 2 years solved board papers.
  • Track your Workout - Detailed performance analysis in comparison with peers.
  • Challenge a Friend - Invite a friend to solve the same questions as you so students know how well prepared they actually are vis a vis the competition.
  • Counsellor - Will help you understand your needs, interpret your current performance and guide you to achieve better scores and results.

The subjects included for each board are as follows:

Hindi Physics
English Lang & Lit Chemistry
Math Math
History & Civics English
Computer Applications  

How is TeacherNi.com test preparation different from other online test preparation?

Our comprehensive set of six sections (Fuel your Memory, Warm up Exercises, Take a Test, Track your Workout, Challenge a Friend, Counselor) ensure that your are well trained to excel in your board exams then period, teacherni test preparations are designed by Experiences Teachers who have taught for atleast 15 years to provide you the most apt study material, with a detailed analysis and performance feedback you can improve in the areas where you need more practice.

How does it work?

  • To be able to use our services you need to register with us online at www.teacherni.com and create an account.
  • If you want to use the free services, go through the 3 step registration process.
  • At every step of registration, you can unlock a section.
  • Once you decide the package you want to subscribe, you can make your payment through credit card / Debit card/ Cheque /Electronic Transfer.
  • Once your payment has been processed your chosen package will be activated.
  • You can have access to the study materials on your smart phones using our mobile app developed for iphone and Android.

How to register with TNI?

  • You can visit our website www.teacherni.com and click on “subscribe now” it will direct you to a page which will allow you to choose the subject/package. Highlight the subject/package and click on add to cart. Once the selection of the package is confirmed, click on “Proceed checkout” button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.
  • Enter payment details and your package will be activated in 24-48 hours.You can also create a demo account which will give you limited access.

Demo account (Free access to content)

Visit www.teacherni.com click on register and follow the instructions.

  • Step 1: Enter basic details (Name, email id, board and grade) set up a password which will used while you login next time, once the information is entered, a verification e-mail will be sent to the registered email id. You can also register using a Facebook login. On completing the Step 1 successfully you will unlock the warm up exercise section and have access to 10 MCQ's for each of the subjects.
  • Step 2: Enter contact details. On successfully completing step 2 you will unlock “Fuel your memory”which will give you access to simplified study notes of 1 chapter.
  • Step 3: Enter your parents details such as parent name, phone, e-mail ID also you have an option to upload your picture. In this step you can unlock one test paper per subject;also you can send us the answer sheetsso that we can get it corrected by our ICSE/ISC experts.

Can I try the service before purchasing a package?

Yes, at every step of registration, you can get access to our website features before subscribing to the package.

  • Step 1 registration:- On completing Step 1 registration you will unlock FREE Warm up Exercises section 10 Multiple Choice Revision Question for each of the 5 Subjects (i.e. 50 MCQs)
  • Step 2 registrations: - On completing Step 2 you will unlock FREE Fuel Your Memory section (Simplified Study Notes by Experts) and get access to 1 chapter of study notes for each of the 5 Subjects plus the features available in step 1 registration.
  • Step 3 registration :- On completing step 3 you will unlock FREE Take a Test section and get access to 10 mark promotional paper for each of the 5 Subjects plus the features available in step 1 and step 2 registration.

The additional features like Track Your Workout, Challenge a Friend, Counsellor and any updates or additional features will be accessible only to students who subscribe for the entire package as per Pricing Plans.

What is Warm up Exercise?

  • To keep you ahead in your preparation for your exams we provide a Warm up Exercise section which consists of a set of revision MCQ's to test your preparation in the respective subject. The MCQ's provided by TeacherNi.com will supplement your efforts for quick revision.
  • The MCQ questions are prepared by our Expert teachers who have been teaching ICSE/ISC curriculum for the more than 15 years.
  • This section consists of 6000+ MCQ's inclusive of all the chapters and topics covered in the ICSE curriculum. This will give you the flexibility to revise any concept in a subject either chapter wise, topic wise or simply for quick revision.
  • You will have the choice to quickly generate 10 or 50 or 100 questions either chapter wise, topic wise or syllabus wise and revise accordingly.
  • After attempting a fixed set of questions, we will provide correct and incorrect answers.Using the cheat function you can check the answer before completing the test and the pass function to skip the question (though you will get to see answers for all the questions).

What is Fuel your Memory?

They are Simplified study notes to facilitate ease of understanding. The Fuel your Memory section will give access to study notes for all chapters. Simplified study notes are designed by expert tutors who have an in depth subject knowledge. The notes are precise, easily understandable and help you learn how to present answers in an appropriate way, to score better marks.

Features of Fuel Your Memory -

  • Option to go through the study notes either topic wise or chapter wise.
  • Highlight any important points, add comments and even bookmark certain pages.
  • Accessible 24*7 in your account until March each year.
  • Bookmark important questions/points for easy go through later anytime.

What are Test Series?

A comprehensive series of 12 tests for each subject (ICSE- 12*9=108 Test papers) designed by ICSE/ISC experts that will help you practice and prepare for the board exams; you can get your answer sheet corrected by our expert examiners by uploading a jpeg image of the answer sheet in your account.

Test Pack consists of –

  • Predictive Test - These test papers have been set by our expert tutors who have 15+ years of experience for each subject in ICSE/ISC. Prediction papers set by our experts matches 90% with board examination.
  • Board Papers - You will get access to the past 2 years board papers with the solution for ICSE and ISC.
  • Prelim Papers - You will get access to the top 5 schools’ Prelim papers with solutions and marking scheme.
  • Expert Papers - Test papers designed by our expert teachers.

How to take a test?

  • The Take a Test section gives access to 12 Test papers each subject set by Experts.
  • The test schedule will be visible in your account, you can start the test by clicking on “Take Test”.
  • After finishing tests, you will have to capture the images of the answer sheets with the help of a mobile camera or a digital camera and submit their answer sheet copy in image (jpeg, gif, png) format.
  • Images should be taken within 15 minutes and uploaded within 24 hours.
  • Once the answer sheet is submitted/uploaded, you can view the solutions of the test.
  • You will get your answer sheet corrected within 3 days after submission. Correction will be done by our expert teachers.

How do I get my test papers corrected by ICSE/ISC examiners?

  • After you finish writing your answers on the answer sheet, you have to capture the images of answer sheets through a mobile camera and upload the captured answer sheet images.
  • The image should be of 1024*768resolution and in jpeg,png or gif format.
  • Images should be taken within 15 mins and uploaded within 24 hours.
  • Once the images are uploaded, hit the submit button and your answer papers will reach our ex-examiners of ICSE and ISC.
  • Your result and analysis will be done within 3 days of submission.

Can I get the solutions of the MCQs and Test series?

  • For MCQ's you can view the solution of a question while solving it, by using the cheat option or post solving the entire set of MCQ's the solutions will be displayed in your account.
  • The solution of test series will be visible after you submit the test papers by clicking "Check Solution".

How does TeacherNI measures the progress of students?

  • At TeacherNi.com, every student's progress is evaluated in terms of number of tests attempted, the knowledge acquired and the time taken to complete the test i.e Accuracy, Effort and Speed.
  • Analysis are made on the basis of students’ past performances and the performance of his peers and a TeacherNi rating is given to the student based on all the above mentioned parameters.

Which payment mode I can use for subscription?

  • Online payment can be done using Credit/Debit card and Net Banking.
  • Also cheque/cash/DD pick services are available on request.

How long is the subscription valid for after sign up?

  • Your paid subscription for the packages is valid till the end of March for the academic year you subscribe for. (For e.g. if you have subscribed for a package on November 4th 2014; then it will be valid till 31st March 2015)

Can I cancel the subscription?

  • No, after subscribing to the package/service you cannot cancel the purchase. TeacherNiwill not provide any refund for the same. To avoid such a scenario, you can always go through the demo/free login – through the free access we offer on the site.

How can I get in touch with TeachnerNI?

It’s very easy.

Online – www.teacherni.com

Chat Support – Experienced Chat Support team is available on our website 15 X 7 (Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM Midnight)

Call Support – You can call us on +91 7666712345 or +91 22 32083398 (Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM)

Email Support – Drop and email to support@teacherni.com and we will make sure we will get back to within 24 Hours.

I have questions which are not answered on the website. Who do I talk to?

I have questions which are not answered on the website. Who do I talk to?